What is the CSS Profile?

The CSS Profile application is a form that is used by almost 300 colleges and scholarship programs to award financial aid that is disbursed by the school. This is not to be confused with the FAFSA, which is the application for federal funds. The funds that are given out by the information given on the CSS Profile application are usually school funds.

The CSS Profile application is not required by all colleges and scholarship programs. The student should check with the colleges they are interested in to see if it’s a requirement.

The CSS Profile application is much longer and more in depth than the FAFSA. In addition, there are fees involved with submitting the CSS Profile application for each college that the student is interested in applying to. The fees for the 2016-2017 application are $25 for the first school and $16 for each additional school. After you submit your application, the College Board sends it to the colleges and scholarship programs you have chosen.

CSS Profile Deadlines

There is not one set deadline to submit the application, each school and program could, and probably does have a different deadline to get the application submitted.

Getting the CSS Profile application submitted before the deadline is very important as you might miss out on a ton of free financial aid for school.

If you are applying to several schools, you need to get in your application submitted in time to the place with the earliest deadline. There are scholarships that also use this form so the best advice is to personally call all the places that you are applying that require this profile form and ask them what the deadline is so you are sure you do not miss a deadline and get the most aid.

What documents are needed to apply?

The same documents needed for FAFSA (click here to get list)
  • 2016 Federal Income Tax Return(s), if completed
    • If 2016 Tax Return(s) are not completed, please provide last pay stubs for student and both parents
  • 2016 Records of Untaxed Income and Benefits
  • Current Mortgage Information
  • Non-custodial parent profile, if applicable
  • Completed Questionnaire which we provide